Coronavirus was first seen and affected in the Wuhan city of China at the end of 2019, so the virus named COVID-19. it seems to spread very easily and making containment efforts difficult all over the world. this virus is also named as SARS, COVID-19, SARS-COV-2. The information shows that the Covid-19 started with a dry cough, which is a common symptom, shortness of breathing, fatigue, sore, headaches, joint or muscle pain, common cold, runny nose.

How contagious is the COVID-19

according to the world health organization china join mission on the Covid-19, it’s not a mild-moderate cold though it seems, the symptoms will be pretty severe, anything can happen and put you in this category, severe cases do need oxygen and so on critical will put you in respiratory and multi-organ failure.

the treatment, system, and timeline happening the vary, depending on which category the patient is going on.

so let’s know how the COVID-19 infects the person in day to day in each level of severity. According to the world health organization join china(WHO-COVID-19), the symptom started with the mild fever and it takes about fourteen days to know whether the patient is a victim of Covid-19, this is the cold or common fever, later on, WHO had declared that 88% of patient ho have Covid-19 have a fever while more than 80% develop through Covid-19 to victim.

Covid-19 can also happen through Gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal dysfunctional may appear before the respiratory system effects, because of the Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. that means the Covid-19 virus starts and lasts with the lungs. During the period of fourteen days, the virus starts to destroy the lung cells, start to damage the lungs tissue and spread just like hair, the virus starts to break-down in the lungs and all the breaking hair like dilute with the lungs cell and the get infected, they die and shut-down. addition to difficult to breathe, hindering to stop working the lungs function while the virus damage all the tissue left.

Like a bullet train all over the planet

Covid-19 is a pandemic disease, creating an emergency in the world though it was the first to sign in China, it’s spreading like a bullet train all over the planet. So be careful about the coronavirus.

In the first five days a person might feel the fever and 7-8 days time started to have a dry cough and might feel the inappropriate breathing, this causes you to visit the hospital, so this mild case-patient would cure by the time of treatment. But stage second means moderate, if we make a little mistake then that would cause Pneumonia, in this case, the patient can be recovered in a few weeks if the patient has a proper treatment.

Meanwhile, the third stage means Severe which causes “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome”(ARDS). ARDS is an element that happens when the fluid builds in the lungs and usually isolated and searching the infected areas to be located safely, But to be fact Covid-19 is that kind of virus that can easily transmit the patient who is already infected with other kinds of disease. for those patients, coronavirus becomes more active and started to kill anything coms in their path even the healthy cells.

And the fourth and the last stage of Covid-19 is the Critical stage and this the most likely the patient has to be in ICU. and in this stage patient needs to supplement oxygen and mechanical ventilation, which passes oxygen to the lung, that lung becomes damaged and can’t take proper oxygen when this treatment doesn’t work, the lungs become too flatted to get oxygen to the bloodstream, that’s the main cause of Covid-19 death toll and even the Covis-19 patient can survive with this virus in this condition but they could be permanently lung damage sars, punch-holes and will have infected lung.

According to the WHO survey recently shows the victim who is suffering from the Covid-19 symptom within two weeks and average people who are recovering from the virus could also take two to two and half weeks but most of the severe cases could take months to recover.

So people who is the victim of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and are in recovery period must consult with the doctor and stay in isolation ward to be safe from the people and to save the people from being infected.this became the order of state and every state in the world have requested better not to expose yourself in the public because its a deadly virus that can transmit with no second. this virus doesn’t come to your home (try to get me I am not wrong), it transfers while a person interacts with the infected patient and the main action to the people whoa re over-age and people who are already a patient of any sort of disease.

According to the survey of Wuhan province, the city where the city was suffering from this dangerous virus and each and every house was and is suffering from this disease is now eradicating from this virus, though they are not using any sort of vaccine, they are just taking their precaution, they are staying home without interacting with anyone, and their man therapy is to drink hot water and inhale steam water four to five times a day. even though Covid-19 is a serious case but most of the cases are survival.



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